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Fuel saving tips

Close the car windows when driving. An open window creates a drag that increases fuel consumption by as much as 20%. For a person who spends R100 a week on petrol, a 20% saving could mean saving R20 a week, which adds up to R80 a month;

Travel Light.
In a lightweight car every item you add decreases your mileage. Keep your trunk empty when you can, when buying a sub-woofer, pick a lightweight option, most large boxes are very heavy.

Use multigrade oil in your engine because it reduces drag;

Service your car regularly;

Take Note.
Use a logbook to record your fuel purchases and kilometre travelled to set new economic goals and to spot radical differences in the performance of your vehicle due to mechanical malfunction;

Switch to radial-ply tyres because they offer less rolling resistance and longer life than the cross-ply variety;

Tyre Pressure.
Avoid driving with under-inflated tyres because a tyre pressure that is too low not only increases consumption, but also markedly reduces a tyre's life;

Do not speed, the faster you drive the more petrol you use.

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